Dear all!
This is to inform everyone that we are temporarily closed due to relocation. As soon as we are up and running, you'll find all relevant info on our website and facebook. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Dear friends!

We are determined in our efforts at delivering Slavic culture to England: whilst we continue to keep our Yorkshire outlet in Shipley open, we now have our sights set on expansion towards London.

To achieve that we invite you as a person/business for any interest as a partner/investor in opening a restaurant in London with a lovely interior, friendly staff and delicious dishes of Slavic cuisine; perhaps someone could be interested in a change of scenery for a restaurant they already own and run.

This is a unique project and we'll be able to confirm that with an elaborate business plan, which we are able to produce in return for your sincere interest during our meeting to discuss business in further detail.

We'd like to assemble a team of smart, energetic, experienced and motivated people, pooling capabilities and efforts which will give excellent results! We are looking forward to hearing from those who are really interested in building a successful business in the financial capital of the world.

Interior Photo

From the frozen Siberian north to the baked Azerbaijani south, from the shores of the Black Sea to towering summits of the Urals, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was a place of startling diversity, edifying variety and astonishing contrasts… and our delicious new menu takes the very best dishes from the USSR’s four corners, delivering an array of flavours from Russia, with love.

Our friendly, family restaurant only serves the finest cuisine, and is the only place in Yorkshire where you can dine like the Politburo on caviar and champagne, or feast on hearty stews made to keep out a cold, Kremlin chill. There are plenty of new delicious meals and some of our favourites have been reduced by up to 25%.

We have carefully selected our dishes so that they represent the wealth of delicious spices and styles of the Soviets, and have an alluring mix of recipes handed down from generation to generation, blended with re-imagined classics which elevate everyday Eastern fare to gastronomic levels. We are looking forward to seeing you in our restaurant. The atmosphere is as cosy as always and our staff will do their best to make your visit enjoyable! Are your taste buds ready to be a part of our Russian revolution?

Cordially yours,

Rurest Limited
Registered in England. Company No: 5561245
Registered Office: 18 Hallifield Road, Bradford, BD1 3RQ